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CS 170 Project Spring 2019: Guavabot

Welcome to CS 170's Spring 2019 project!



Your group runs an autonomous food delivery company called Guavabot. Everything is going great - you just raised $10 million in VC funding, and you've deployed to three locations worldwide - Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Toronto. Unfortunately your intern ran rm -rf / on your production servers, losing the locations of all your bots! The bots took quite a while to develop and the prototypes are valuable, so you want to locate them and move them home. Thankfully, you have a worldwide network of students who report the locations of the bots to you via app, but these customers are not always right and may incorrectly inform you about bots' locations.


This project is a little different than past 170 projects. We have built an API that you interact with to solve the problem. We provide you libraries and a skeleton to work with this API and test your code. Your task is to build a dynamic solver that interacts with the API to bring all the bots home.

Getting Started

To get started, we recommend you do the following things:

  1. Read the problem statement
  2. See the grading, timeline, and project policies
  3. Read the skeleton getting started guide


We are here to help! Please see support.

We spent a lot of effort on this project and we hope most of all that you enjoy working on it! 😀

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