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We are here to help you! Here are our recommended venues for support:

  1. Piazza
  2. Project-dedicated office hours. In these office hours, we will only answer project questions:

    • Sean Wed 3-4pm @ Soda 380
    • Matt Fri 2-3pm @ Wozniak Lounge

    These project office hours will run the rest of the semester, up to but not including RRR week.

    __On 4/1 Sean's office hours will be in Cory 258._

  3. Project-prioritized office hours. In these office hours, we answer project questions first:

    • Max Mon 10-11am @ Soda 611
    • Sean Tues 11-12pm @ Soda 411
    • Matthew Tues 2-3pm @ Soda 411
    • Sean Wed 12-1pm @ Soda 611
    • Matthew Wed 2-3pm @ Soda 611
    • Max Fri 1-2pm @ Soda 411

    In general, Max, Sean, and Matthew will prioritize project questions during their regular office hours.

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